Shag Bag: Eddie seems to be having trouble scoring

The Shag Bag

 The Shag Bag is a weekly compilation of amusing stories and anecdotes from the wacky world of golf.


A Careless Error

Less than a week after getting blocked by Patrick Reed on Instagram, Eddie Pepperell managed to get DQ’d from the Qatar Masters for signing an incorrect scorecard. Not that signing an incorrect scorecard is all that uncommon; pros do it all the time. But the blunder the Englishman made after his first round was so egregious that it just had to be included in this week’s Shag Bag. Pepperell indeed shot the 71 he signed for but noticed before doing so that his playing partner had written down the wrong scores for two of his holes. Pepperell changed the scores on his card to the correct ones but was notified upon handing it in that he had made one of his corrections on the wrong hole. The result was an automatic DQ.


Pepperell is right. That rule is stupid and should probably be changed, especially since he went out of his way to fix it before signing the damn thing. Incredibly, it wasn’t even the first time in the last six months that Pepperell managed to get DQ’d from a European Tour event for a bizarre reason. In November, he got booted from the Turkish Airlines Open for running out of golf balls in the middle of a round. One more DQ this season and Pepperell will earn himself a hat trick.


A Freefall Down the Leaderboard

Matt Every either jinxed himself on Thursday afternoon at the Arnold Palmer Invitational or got entangled in some sort of Freaky Friday body swap with a 12-handicapper, because those are the only two explanations that would account for how he went from leading the tournament after the first round to missing the cut altogether the following day. Every was in prime position following Thursday’s action thanks to a flawless a 7-under 65 in the opener, but only needed 18 holes to erase all of his hard work on Friday. Four bogeys and four double bogeys resulted in a ghastly 11-over 83 that sent him packing for the weekend! Could his second-round meltdown have been caused by this interview he did on Thursday afternoon in which he unknowingly predicted his own demise? Without a doubt!


Every, who won back-to-back Arnold Palmer Invitational titles in 2014 and 2015, has now posted four rounds of 82 or worse this season—a statistic that is as embarrassing for any tour pro as it is worthy of bragging rights for any amateur!


Duff of the Week

Matt Every wasn’t the only one struggling at Bay Hill on Friday. Rory McIlroy also got himself into a few pickles, including a couple of forgettable duffs out of some thick rough on the 8th hole. It’s safe to say that 99.99% of the time, McIlroy is a god on the golf course. But every now and then, even the best golfers in the world come away looking like hackers . . . and it is always refreshing to see!


Bad Break of the Week

All lip outs hurt, but some hurt just a little bit more. You know those ones I’m talking about, where your ball seems to have perfect pace and is headed for the center of the cup . . . and yet it still somehow doesn’t go down! Those gut punches take the wind right out of your sails:


The One-Leg Brink Challenge:

Think you’ve got good core strength and balance? Here’s how you find out. Next time you find yourself in the same position as the guy in the video below, put one of your feet in the air and give this shot an attempt. Make sure you film it and send it to us afterward so that we can all watch you tumble into the water.


Video of the Week

Yahoo Sports mashed up footage of Los Angeles Angel center fielder Mike Trout hitting a drive over the fence at Top Golf last week with the driving range scene from Happy Gilmore, and the result was comedy gold.


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