Shag Bag: Faxon sued, PGA Tour lefty challenge and a 59

The Shag Bag is a weekly compilation of amusing stories and anecdotes from the wacky world of golf.

Faxon Sued

A year ago, Brad Faxon and a group of four other investors purchased Rhode Island’s Metacomet Country Club, Faxon’s childhood home course, for $750,000 after the club had fallen into dire financial straits. At the time, Faxon’s property group promised the membership that they would preserve the golf club, although they did notify them of their plans to both open the club up to public play on certain days and ultimately build condominiums on the 11th and 12th holes. Membership reportedly came around to both ideas when they were told that Gil Hanse would be brought in to redesign the track away from the buildings. But on February 20th, less than a year after the deal closed, Metacomet’s membership received an email from Faxon’s property group, informing them that they were entering into negotiations to sell the course. A week later, membership was notified that the course had been sold to a developer, who would be closing it down permanently in June to build a mixed-use development on the property. Members were refunded their 2020 fees, but 10 of them didn’t appreciate being the bait-and-switch, and are now suing Faxon’s property group for misrepresentation, fraud and a breach of contract and good faith. When asked about the lawsuit, Faxon explained that the club lost an additional $500,000 last year, despite opening its doors to the public, and that the decision to sell the property made the most financial sense. “We weren’t doing this out of the goodness of our hearts,” he said. “Some people think because people are successful or have money, they should do it out of charity. We came in as businessmen. This was a club that was bleeding for 15 years.”

Video Game Scores

It might not have been the Valspar Championship or the Volvik Founders Cup, but one professional golf tournament did take place last week and Canada was well represented on the first page of its leaderboard. The event, the Outlaw Tour’s Western Skies Classic, concluded with two Albertans, Edmonton’s Wil Bateman and Calgary’s Jared du Toit, squaring off in extra holes. Bateman, who shot a 62 in the finale, came away victorious, but it was du Toit’s final round score of 59 that made headlines around the world. The sub-60 performance, which consisted of an eagle, nine birdies, and a total of 29 strokes on the back nine, was the first in Outlaw Tour history.   

It wasn’t just Bateman and du Toit who went low on Thursday. Of the 33 players who made the cut, 15 carded rounds of 65 or lower in the final round, including Eric Hallberg, Brandon Harkins and Patrick Flavin, who all posted rounds of 61 or lower!


Lefty Challenge

Many PGA Tour pros are spending their time away from the circuit by fine tuning their lefty swings. Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas started the trend last week when they posted footage of their “Lefty Championship”, which Fowler reportedly won after Thomas’s game fell apart on the back nine:


The trend caught on among some of their colleagues, resulting in a few other A-list players attempting southpaw swings. Koepka responded first with a 189-yard 8-iron strike and a drive that carried 293 yards!


But Dustin Johnson took home the title with a video TaylorMade released from last summer showing the former world No. 1 carrying a lefty drive 294 yards. At least we hope that footage was from last summer because there was very little social distancing going on in that video.


Video of the Week

Irish comedian Conor Moore showed off his most recent batch of PGA Tour impressions in this short video he posted to his Instagram account last week. All of the impersonations are fantastic, but his Tiger and DJ are particularly spot on.

 Shank of the Week

It’s embarrassing enough to blade your iron and miss the green by fifty or more yards, but to hit a moving car in the process is the stuff of legend. I can only imagine the words that were exchanged when that driver got out of his car.


Practice Drill of the Week

Someone has been spending his self-isolation watching way too much Michael Breed.


Trick Shot of the Week

We’d like to challenge you all to attempt this in your own homes, but we know it would just end up in widespread injuries and broken drywall.


Whiff of the Week

Another one bites the dust. There’s probably one of these videos every week, and I hope they never stop coming!

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