Shag Bag: Another 59, Steph Curry and #playingthrough

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Another Week, Another 59!

Less than seven days after Alberta’s Jared du Toit carded the first 59 in Outlaw Tour history, South Korea’s Sunny Kim posted the first sub-60 round ever on the Minor League Golf Tour. The victory was Kim’s 67th on the mini circuit since joining it in 2006, which makes him either the Tiger Woods or the Bernhard Langer of the Minor League Golf Tour, depending on your point of view! The former Korn Ferry Tour member started the final round on Wednesday nine shots back of leader Gavin Hall, but nearly made up the entire deficit with eight birdies over his first 15 holes. On the 16th hole, Kim took the lead outright with an eagle hole-out from the fairway and then locked down the comeback victory on the 18th hole with yet another eagle.



Sports highlights have been few and far between since COVID-19 took over our lives, but we did get some reprieve last week thanks to a social media challenge called #playingthrough that has A-list athletes everywhere posting videos of golf trick shots they’ve been working on during self-isolations. Callaway began the #playingthrough trend by challenging Steph Curry and the Bryan brothers, George and Wesley, to post videos of their best trick shots.

Curry and George Bryan responded with these impressive shots, challenging Mardy Fish, Kent Bazemore, Chris Harrison, and Dude Perfect to follow suit:

The challenge took off from there with Fish, Dude Perfect, Mike Trout, and Elias Petterson all posting videos in the following days, inviting other athletes to get on board. If the challenge continues to pick up momentum, it could become a global pandemic by this time next week.


Chamblee Does It Again

Brandel Chamblee is no stranger to controversy thanks to the hot takes and inflammatory comments he regularly spews. But the disparaging remarks he made last week about the current crop and teaching method of PGA Tour swing coaches has since landed The Golf Channel analyst in hot water with some of the game’s most respected teaching professionals. Chamblee went after Jordan Spieth’s coach, Cameron McCormick, and Rickie Fowler’s new coach, John Tillery, specifically in his tirade, claiming among other things that “teachers are being exposed for their idiocy” and their teaching philosophies are being “bitch-slapped by reality”. In response to Chamblee’s Tirade, Michael Breed, host of The Golf Fix, dropped this bomb on his SiriusXM radio show: “What you’re really hearing is a guy who was frustrated he didn’t perform at the level he thought he should have performed at, and it has to be somebody’s fault. It can’t be his, so it has to be a coach or a teacher. Maybe you just weren’t that good.” BURNNN!!! Brooks Koepka’s coach, Claude Harmon III, who has past experience in the booth as a golf analyst for Sky TV directed this subtle jab at Chamblee: “He’s 100% entitled to his opinions but when it comes to talking about the swing and golf instruction, it’s hard to take him seriously.” And in an open letter to Chamblee “to do better”, iconic golf instructor David Leadbetter questioned if “Brandel has ever given a golf lesson of any note in his life.” Something tells me that those harsh and well-deserved words will not be the last ones directed at Chamblee before this backlash ultimately blows over.


Swing of the Week

Giant wind-up, even bigger follow through. This swing truly is a beauty:


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Video of the Week

The official golf anthem of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic:


Shank of the Week

What a tremendous idea for their wedding. Can’t wait to see what they post for their honeymoon:




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