Sagebrush gets a new lease on life

The new owners of Sagebrush, the highly acclaimed golf course near Merritt, BC that has been closed since 2014, plan to re-open the facility this summer. July 1st has been set as the proposed opening date for the course.

A small group headed by Langley real estate developer Andrew Knott now own the long-term lease on the property, which sits above Nicola Lake. Knott and his partners had supplied former owner Mark Chandler with a private mortgage that Chandler used to buy Sagebrush in 2015.

Chandler ran into legal troubles and was recently sentenced to six years in prison in a Los Angeles courtroom after being convicted on a charge of wire fraud. When Chandler stopped making his mortgage payments, Knott and his partners took control of the property.

Brad Ziemer has more HERE for British Columbia Golf.

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