The Bridges at Tillsonburg opening today in defiance of provincial shutdown

Here’s an interesting piece about The Bridges at Tillsonburg, an 18-hole public course in Oxford County that plans to open today (Saturday April 24th) in defiance of the province wide mandate closing all golf courses. As you might expect, the tee sheet is booked solid for the weekend.

Kathleen Saylors has more HERE for the Woodstock Sentinel Review

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4 thoughts on “The Bridges at Tillsonburg opening today in defiance of provincial shutdown

  1. They should be fined to the max as should any person setting foot on the priority with golf equipment. This shows utter contempt for the law and shines an incredibly bad light on the golf industry.

    1. I can’t imagine the provincial government will look the other way on this Jim. It would open the door for any business that decided it wanted to do its own thing.

  2. I agree with both comments. This is not the way conduct ourselves. You can bend the tree to the ground but you cannot break it. As the game has rules we all play by each time out (and call infractions on ourselves that have penalties ) when the horn goes off announcing lightening we are mandated to leave the course….so why on earth would any golfer break the existing (temporary) rules governing the game, as set by the Province?
    Stop this behaviour! Set the correct example !
    Adam Hermant

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