How to fix your slice by squaring the club

In this week’s video, I’m pleased to present Shawn Clement of Wisdom in Golf, one of my favourite instructors. Shawn has a real knack for using everyday tools and motions like swinging a hammer or using a grass rake to demonstrate how the golf swing works. And it’s very easy to take his lessons from the range to the course because things start to make a lot more sense once you gain that understanding.


Peter Mumford
Peter Mumford is the Editor of Fairways Magazine. He's played over 500 different courses in 21 countries and met some fascinating people along the way. He's also a long-suffering Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

2 thoughts on “How to fix your slice by squaring the club

  1. Thank you for the video Peter. I have tried to do this with my driver and have seen some success. Never thought to do this with my irons. Will try soonest.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Jack. Sometimes we think the solution must be complicated, usually because we don’t understand the causes of the problem. Shawn breaks these issues down into easy easy visuals. Hope it helps with your irons.

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