Stopping topping: how to use your wrists for powerful ‘flush’ contact

Martin Chuck at the Tour Striker Academy has a great tip here to help you understand why you top the ball and how to stop doing it:


I must really love you, Tour Striker Nation…

Because I purposely shot the above video showing me cold-topping a shot that barely gets off the ground.

I know topped shots are super frustrating and embarrassing for you…

(And, yes, it happens to golf professionals, too!)

So, in today’s video, I’ll show you the REAL reason you hit topped shots (no, it’s not from “lifting your head up”)…

And what you can do to never hit one of these ugly “worm burners” again.

As you’ll see, I’m going to do this with the help of the FlexClick.

The FlexClick does two things:

1. It helps you grip the club properly (most golfers don’t)…

2. It teaches you the RIGHT way to use your hands and wrists so you can start flushing strong, powerful shots.

Want to get rid of your “topped” shots for good? Watch the above video then try the FlexClick or learn more here.

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