How to stop making unconscious grip adjustments

Another great tip from Martin Chuck at the Tour Striker Academy:


Basketball great Charles Barkley was the poster boy for this…

But I see it all the time at my golf schools too.

Many amateur golfers make unconscious, last-second adjustments to their grip just before starting their backswing.

And this sets off a domino effect of swing flaws.

Why do people do this?

Well, to put it simply, bad habits are hard to break.

When you start using a proper grip, it feels “weird” to you, so your brain thinks, “there’s no way I’ll be able to hit the ball,” and it goes into “override” mode.

And at the last second you revert to your old grip, which affects just about everything about your swing.

By definition, it’s hard to self-spot these unconscious, last-second grip adjustments (they are, after all, unconscious!).

So, watch the video above and see if anything feels familiar…and how to correct it.

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