Australian Scott Hend hoping to send positive message on men’s health

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Shenzhen, China: November is a month internationally associated with men’s health, and Asian Tour star Scott Hend took time out of his preparations for this week’s Volvo China Open to join in the chorus encouraging individuals to take a more proactive approach to their mental and physical wellbeing.

Hend may not be planning to grow a moustache commonly associated with the ‘Movember’ movement which raises awareness of a range of male issues including prostate and testicular cancers and mental health. But as someone recently affected by prostate cancer, he is eager to raise awareness – and he hopes that perception is now changing for the better among males.

The Australian legend, a 10-time winner on the Asian Tour, admits that he previously shared a ‘bulletproof’ attitude to life common to many, before his circumstances changed dramatically in 2021 following a shock diagnosis.

He said: “It took me to the point of urinating blood before I got something checked out. As men we always think we are bulletproof but are not. We tend to ignore signs we should not ignore. I think when it comes to men’s mental and physical health, there is no harm in getting checked out.”

Hend was happy to report a clean bill of health following a recent MRI scan, but he admits it took a real switch in attitude to adopt a more proactive approach to his health.

Even after diagnosis and treatment, Hend had attempted to carry on with life as normal. That’s a mistake he hopes other males won’t make in future.

He said: “It affected me physically and it affected me mentally on the golf course. Last year I should have taken eight months off for recovery, but I tried to play through it and that was the wrong decision. Everyone thinks you are a poor golfer, but there is something else very different going on in your life.

“Fortunately for me I haven’t got cancer so to speak, but it is so important to get checked out, or to talk to someone when it comes to mental health. Do it for your family and for yourself because the repercussions of not getting checked are not too much fun. Keep on top if it because a two-minute check up at the doctor could save your life and make important people in your life happy.”

Hend is part of a star-studded field this week for the Volvo China Open. The eighth event on the Asian Tour’s International Series takes place from 2-5 November at the Hidden Grace Golf Club in Shenzhen.

For more information on the Volvo China Open please click HERE.


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