Best restaurants in West Palm Beach

By Danielle Peck
In West Palm Beach, you never go hungry. There’s no shortage of tasty, unique restaurants to experience when you’re in this town, and this post gathers some of their best based on their ratings on Google.

Best Burger: Lindburger’s Express

If you’re feeling a good burger that isn’t your typical fast-food chain, one burger joint to head to is Lindburger’s Express. For over 30 years, they have fed Florida, with their best-known entree being the Mini Lindy’s, which are small burgers à la White Castle. Besides their burgers, they offer hot dogs, chicken tenders, salads, and several sides, including sweet potato fries and onion rings.

Best Seafood: Seafood Bar and Rock n’ Crab

The Seafood Bar’s name says it all: they serve fresh seafood and offer drinks in an aesthetically pleasing setting that provides a gorgeous view. However, this bar is located in The Breakers, an expensive resort. We recommend Rock n’ Crab for your seafood fix if you’re feeling something more casual. This restaurant is Cajun-style and offers several experiences, such as raw oysters, crab, and chicken sliders.

Best French: French Corner Bistro

French Corner Bistro is an excellent place for elegant French dining to take a loved one out for dinner. It takes place in a regal French restaurant setting, and the prices are affordable. All of your favorite French soups, salads, and appetizers are available for eating.

Best Diner: Nick’s 50’s Diner and Howley’s Restaurant

Like most diners, Nick’s brings back the feeling of the 1950s while offering a variety of favorites for an affordable price. From breakfast delights to elegant desserts, Nick’s has it all. Unfortunately, it closes early at 2:00 PM, and minus the weekends, they only serve breakfast during traditional hours.

If you’re a night owl, a good contender is Howley’s. Howley’s is similar to Nick’s in that it’s a 1950s-style diner. However, most nights, Howley’s is open until midnight or later. Not only that, but they serve breakfast all day. So if you’re a night owl who wakes up past the time when most restaurants stop serving breakfast, you’re in luck.

Best Asian: Kurafoto and Fong’s Garden

Kurafoto is a Japanese gastropub that offers many different Japanese classics, including noodles, sushi, and stir-fries. Kurafoto is a great place to go for those craving late-night bites, as they’re open until midnight.

Meanwhile, Fong’s Garden is the way to go if you’re craving Chinese takeout. They have all your favorite Chinese-American dishes for a fair price. In addition, they’re open until 9 PM or later for people who like a night snack.

Best Indian: India Grill and Bar

For those looking for some delicious Indian food, India Grill and Bar offers it in an elegant yet affordable setting. They offer catering and a wide selection of drinks as well. Not much else to say other than the food is excellent.

Best Italian: Pescatore and Paisano’s Pizza

Pescatore is an Italian eatery with various Italian salads, pasta, pizzas, and appetizers. For people looking for the best Italian eats in West Palm Beach, Pescatore provides a casual dining setting that the entire family will love.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a location that focuses more on the pizza, Paisano’s is for you. It focuses on New York-style pizza, with an option for delivery. In addition, however, Paisano’s offers plates of pasta, subs, and other types of food.

Best Greek: Souvlaki Fast

Souvlaki Fast is quickly becoming Florida’s number-one Greek spot, with several locations in the state. Their West Palm Beach location provides gyros, soups, salads, and several other Greek favorites. If you’re not Greek and are eating with a picky friend or family member, Souvlaki also has American-style food such as hamburgers.

Best Mexican: Tacos y Antojitos Emanuel

If you want an authentic Mexican experience, Tacos y Antojitos Emanuel provides. They provide Mexican and Guatemalan food for low prices, with different tacos and Mexican dishes available. In addition, they do have alcohol to drink as well.

Best Steakhouse: Okeechobee Steak House

Since 1947, Okeechobee Steak House has been one of West Palm Beach’s premier steakhouses. They’re not cheap; expect to pay as much as $100 or more for a steak. However, the quality is unmatched. Besides steak, they offer traditional steakhouse appetizers, drinks, and seafood.

Best Dessert: Sugar Milk Boba and Dessert Bar

When you’re done eating at these fantastic restaurants, you have to get some dessert. Being Florida, there are many places to go if you want a cool treat. However, Sugar Milk has to be one of the most unique locations. They have a rainbow of boba teas, milkshakes, baked goods, and their signature drilled ice cream, combining toppings into ice cream and with a bubble waffle cone to contain its goodness. For those who have a nighttime sweet tooth, Sugar Milk is open until 10 PM.

And Many More

Consider this article a sampling platter of what West Palm Beach offers. There are many more restaurants to discover, with some of them falling under the radar. A true foodie will have a great time exploring West Palm Beach and discovering what they have to offer.

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