How to create a runway to get your longer clubs soaring

Hitting long irons and hybrids isn’t easy for many amateur golfers. Martin Chuck from the Tour Striker Academy shares some insights on setting up properly to ensure a good solid strike.



This week the PGA Tour is in Orlando, Florida, at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill, a challenging layout known for requiring more than a few long-iron shots.

Well, if you’re like many of the amateur golfers I teach…

You probably fall into one of two buckets when it comes to hitting your long irons (or other long clubs such as hybrids and fairway woods):

1. You either don’t hit them remotely as cleanly or consistently as your shorter clubs…

2. Or, you simply don’t hit them. As in, you avoid hitting them whenever possible.

If this sounds like you, too, take a look at today’s video.

With the help of the Tour Striker Toolbox as a visual guide

I’ll show you how (and why) creating a “runway” will help you get your longer clubs soaring…

Even if you don’t strike them perfectly every time.

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