Late to the first tee? Do what the pros do

Martin Chuck from Tour Striker Academy with some sound advice.


Despite your best planning and intentions, I’m sure you sometimes you find yourself running late for your tee time.

And for the purposes of this tip, I’m not talking about “a little late”…

I’m talking about, “park-the-car-and-race-to-the-first-tee late” — no time to stretch, hit range balls or roll a few putts (all of which I normally recommend highly under normal circumstances).

So, the question is…

How do you avoid making a complete mess of the first hole when you all you have time for is maybe a practice swing?

My advice is to do what the pros do.

No, they are not usually late to the tee…

But they do “choose a shot shape,” visualize it, and hit it.

I’ll explain why in the above video, but you do NOT want to choose a shot aimed right down the middle.

Instead, the shot you probably want to choose is what I call a, “functional fade.”

It might not be your longest or prettiest drive of the day…

But it’s a great way to warm up while you’re playing and avoids a disaster on the first hole.

And THAT keeps you from feeling like your round is over before it got started.


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