Moe Norman’s secret: ‘Bank’ your feet to make crisp contact

In this week’s tip, Martin Chuck from Tour Striker Academy draws inspiration from Moe Norman.


One of my mentors, Moe Norman, was one of the greatest ball strikers the game has ever seen…

But few people realize how much Moe worked on his FOOTWORK to help him achieve such powerful, consistent contact.

I can tell you, he worked on it a LOT, and in today’s video, I’ll show you the “Peek-a-Boo” drill that will get your feet working the way Moe wanted.

Namely, you should “bank” your feet as you “rotate and relocate” through impact.

This means rolling onto the outside of your lead foot…

And the inside of your trail foot.

In fact, Moe found it helpful to exaggerate this move, as if you were rubbing the inside of your trail ankle on the grass.

I’ll show you what I mean in the video above…

And the next time you watch a tour player smash the ball…

Take a look at their footwork.

You will see a LOT of players “banking” their feet like Moe did, because it helps you stay down through the ball and hit crisp shots.

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