PGA of Canada recognizes National Award winners

Pictured above: Danny King, The Performance Academy at Magna)

ACTON, ONT — The PGA of Canada’s 2015 national award winners were recently unveiled and will be honoured next month at the association’s PGA of Canada Night celebrations in Orlando, Fla., as part of the PGA Merchandise Show.

This year’s winners include Danny King (The Performance Academy at Magna), Mike Weir Player of the Year; Dean Manz (Wascana Country Club), Pat Fletcher Retailer of the Year; Cory Southon (Henry Brunton Golf), Moe Norman Candidate for Membership of the Year; Adam Werbicki (The Derrick Golf & Winter Club), George Knudson Teacher of the Year; Adam Boge (Golf Mentor), Jack McLaughlin Junior Leader of the Year; Tristan Mullally (Golf Canada), Ben Kern Coach of the Year; Judy Forshner (Glencoe Golf & Country Club), Murray Tucker Golf Professional of the Year; Liam Mucklow (The Golf Club), Tex Noble Award for Professional Development; Daryl MacLean (Cherry Hill Club), Stan Leonard Class “A” Professional of the Year; and Serge Savard, George Cumming Distinguished Service Award.

“This year’s PGA of Canada national award winners are truly great golf professionals and on behalf of the national board of directors’ and the association’s 3,700 members, I’m proud to congratulate them today on their achievements,” said Constant Priondolo, PGA of Canada president.

Each year, a national selection committee evaluates application submissions from zone award winners and recognizes winners in each of the categories.

The winners will receive their award and be honoured in January at the association’s PGA of Canada Night celebrations at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. PGA of Canada Night takes place in Orlando, Fla., on January 28, 2016 at the PGA Merchandise Show (Orange County Convention Centre) at 5:00 p.m. in room 109A.

“PGA of Canada Night at the PGA Merchandise Show is always an excellent, well-attended event,” Priondolo said. “Not only is it an opportunity to mix and mingle with others in the golf industry, but it’s also a chance to celebrate the PGA of Canada professionals who have been recognized as national award winners.”

Gord McInnis and Jerry Anderson will also be inducted into the PGA of Canada Hall of Fame during PGA of Canada Night.

“We will proudly induct two more great PGA of Canada professionals — Gord McInnis and Jerry Anderson — into our PGA of Canada Hall of Fame at PGA of Canada Night,” said Warren Crosbie, PGA of Canada Hall of Fame Chair. “I would greatly encourage those interested in learning more about the members of the Hall of Fame, as well as the history of the association to visit the PGA of Canada Hall of Fame website.”

Al Balding; Dave Barr; David Black; Gordie Brydson; George Clifton, George Cumming; Pat Fletcher; Brent Franklin; Daniel Halldorson; Wilf Homenuik; Jules Huot; Karl Keffer; Ben Kern; George Knudson; Willie Lamb; Stan Leonard; Henry Martell; Jack McLaughlin; Albert Murray; Charles Murray; Jim Nelford; Moe Norman; Bob Panasik; Cathy Sherk; Murray Tucker; Mike Weir; and Richard Zokol make up the of PGA of Canada Hall of Fame.

For more information on the PGA of Canada Hall of Fame, CLICK HERE.

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