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Everybody has a Bucket List of courses they’d like to play. Some are in far flung exotic locations while others are closer to home but inaccessible because they’re for Members Only. The Private Club Series was designed to put you on some of the courses you’ve dreamed about playing and let you experience them in the best way possible:

NO shotguns – Everybody starts on the first tee. Play the course as it was meant to be played.

NO Scores – it’s not a tournament, just a fun, relaxing round of golf. Keep score if you want but you don’t have to turn in your card.

NO Banquets – the clubhouse is open before, during and after your round. Dine at your leisure.

NO Partner? NO Problem! – sign up as a single or twosome and we’ll pair you up with players of similar handicap. OR bring a foursome.

NO Rain – if the course is unplayable for any reason, you get a voucher to come back and play at a future date of your choosing. Unplayable conditions are a decision made by the host course. 


The 2018 schedule will be posted shortly.

Prices: All prices include green fees, shared use of a power cart and use of the range and clubhouse for the day.

Tee times: Approximately 2 weeks prior to each event, all registered players will receive an email asking for their preferred tee time. Tee times usually range from 8 AM – 1 PM depending on the course and every effort will be made to get you a times that suits your preference.

Playing Partners: In that same email you can advise us about your playing partners. If you signed up as a single or twosome and want to be paired with others in the field, that’s OK. If you don’t know anybody else we’ll do our best to pair you with players of similar ability. if you signed up as a threesome or foursome, you can give us the names of your partners at this time.

Registration & Payment: You can register and pay for any event by clicking HERE. Payment can be made by either credit card or PayPal on our PayPal site. If you want to register for more than one event, just continue adding events to the Shopping Cart until you’re done, then make a single payment.

Cancellation: You may cancel for any reason up to 72 hours in advance of the event and receive a full refund. A $50 fee will be charged for any cancellation after the 72 hour cutoff if it is for valid medical or business reasons. No refund will be given for NO shows on the day of the event.

Attire: All players must wear appropriate golf clothing at all times. Most private clubs have a dress code and we will advise players if any specific requirements exist at an event.

Checking in: Players are required to check in at the Registration Table in the pro shop at least 30 minutes prior to their tee time. Please bring a copy of your registration receipt with you.

Tees: Players may select the tee decks and yardage that best suits their game so long as they maintain appropriate pace of play.

Slow Play: we take pace of play seriously and monitor groups on the course at all times. We want you to enjoy yourself but not at the expense of slowing everyone else down. If your group loses position, you may be asked to let others through. Repeated warnings may result in removal from the course.

Comportment: It is important to remember that we are guests of the private club at all times and subject to their rules. Players are expected to act in a respectful courteous manner both in the clubhouse and on the golf course.