Steal this “elevated tee” drill to guarantee pure contact

Here’s an interesting tip from Martin Chuck on how to develop feel by building the proper mechanics into your swing. He uses an extra long tee that looks to be about a foot long to support the ball.

Note: the first third of this video is Martin’s tip. The latter part of the video is an infomercial chat with Brixton Albert from Performance Golf. It’s also quite enlightening but just so you know, it is an infomercial.


When you tee the ball up on an extra-high tee, some really neat things happen…

Ideal setup for driver…

Giving you a perfect attack angle…

​​For crisp contact in the sweet spot…

Resulting in a straight (or draw-biased) ball-flight.

Most golfers wrestle with 5-15 different swing thoughts trying to do all those things.

This elevated tee drill can get you do it without thinking about any of them.

Fairways Magazine

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