Martin Chuck demonstrates the proper way to make an inside-out swing

How to fix an ‘inside takeaway’ and enjoy a reliable on-plane backswing

A lot of amateur golfers can relate to this problem. Martin Chuck from Tour Striker has the solution.


Are you guilty of prematurely, “whipping the club inside” on your backswing?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I see it all the time at my golf schools because players have heard (or have been told) they need to swing, “inside-out.”

So, their very first move is to roll their arms and/or yank the club back across their body…waaaay too far to the inside.

And to be perfectly honest…

You CAN get away with this — sometimes — on FULL swings because you have more time to re-route the club before impact.

But I don’t want you to, “get away with it” — I want you to fix it so you have a powerful, reliable swing on ALL your shots: long, short and everything in between.

In today’s video, I’ll show you what an inside takeaway looks like…

How to fix it using the same type of “station” many PGA Tour pros use

And how your new on-plane backswing will make you a lot more reliable on the golf course.

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