How to hit ‘up’ on your driver to maximize distance

You’ve probably heard for years that you have to hit ‘up’ on your driver but nobody ever tells you how to do that. In this video, Martin Chuck from Tour Striker Academy explains.


There are a lot of videos out there about, “hitting up on your driver”…

But is this something you should be trying to do?

The short answer is…


Because drivers have relatively little loft on them…

Hitting “up” (or as I prefer to say, “hitting while the club is ascending”) helps launch the ball high while reducing spin.

Together (and if you generate enough clubhead speed) these things can maximize carry AND roll, therefore maximizing your total distance.

It’s no coincidence the majority of tour players who bomb the ball hit up on it.

So, in today’s video, I’ll show you how to do it.

I’ll cover the setup, which is quite different from your iron setup…

I’ll show you the type of backswing you should make..

And of course, how the club should ascend into the ball.

I’ll also show you a simple drill you can do to learn and groove an ascending path with your driver.

Give it a look…then give it a try!

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