How to master the 40-yard pitch shot

Martin Chuck from the Tour Striker Academy says you shouldn’t follow through on this type of shot.


Ah, yes, the 40-yard pitch shot.

I bet you face this shot (plus or minus 20 yards) at least three times per round.

Knock it close, and you’re tapping in for par (or birdie!).

But if you make a mess of it, oh boy, the strokes can pile up FAST.

I’m sure I’ll get some pushback on this, but I’ll say it anyway:

To hit this shot correctly, you should not be “following through.”

It’s more about letting the rhythm and weight of the club work in sync with the body.

I’ll show you what I mean in the above video…

And as you’ll see, it’s a huge help to first use the Tour Striker Toolbox to get your feet and ball position set up for success.

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