How to avoid the deadly ‘decel’ on scoring shots

Martin Chuck from Tour Striker Academy has a great tip on chipping today and draws on RBC Canadian Open champion Nick Taylor for inspiration.


So, you’re faced with a super-delicate chip shot:

You’re on closely mown turf…

You’re just steps off the green…

The green is sloping away from you…

But you can’t putt it — you must chip it.

It can be a scary shot for sure…

So, you draw the club back, but…

At the last second, your brain screams “jam on the brakes!” because you fear hitting the ball way past the hole.

And the ball goes nowhere.

Other times, it’s no so much that you decelerated

It’s that you didn’t accelerate in the first place.

The fix for both actually has more to do moving your body (your chest, specifically) than moving your arms.

Ever see tour players rehearse these shots with a hand on their chest?

In today’s video, I’ll show you why…

So you can start start hitting these tricky shots reliably and getting them close to (or in) the hole.

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