How to build a better backswing

Martin Chuck from Tour Striker Academy has a unique idea for helping you add width to your swing.


In some ways, golf is like archery:

If you pull back on the bow the wrong way…

There’s very little chance the arrow will fly where you want it to go.

Golf is similar, which is why it pains me to see so many people making “chaotic” backswings. They’re not giving themselves a chance.

The most common thing I see is someone quickly retracting their trail arm, which (to me) looks similar to the motion of pull-starting a lawnmower.

Now, we all know we’re supposed to instead make a structured, “wide” backswing…

But how do you do it? And what does it FEEL like?

In the above video, I’ll show you a simple drill that will immediately answer both questions.

It’s going to feel really weird at first…

But that means you’re doing it right.

Take a look at the video, try the drill, then let me know if it helps you make a wider, more powerful, and more reliable backswing.

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