How to consistently hit the centre of your driver

Martin Chuck from Tour Striker Academy has some terrific insight on what you need to do to consistently hit your driver on the sweet spot.


Modern drivers are SO much better than they were even five years ago, but the fact remains:

The farther you contact the ball away from the center of the clubface…

The less optimal the launch characteristics.

That’s a nice way of saying the ball probably won’t travel as far.

To be sure, there are a LOT of factors at play (launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, etc.) that affect trajectory, carry, roll and overall distance, but…

In general, you’ll hit your longest drives by hitting the sweet spot.

One popular way to see where you’re making contact is to first lightly coat your driver face with sprayable foot powder.

Then, when you hit the ball, you can easily see where the ball made contact.

But here is the misconception I see with many students:

When they hit the ball toward the heel, they think they need to move farther away from the ball.

(And vice versa when they make contact toward the toe.)

The reality is, these “misses” have more to do with getting steep and/or bent arms.

But what I really want you to think about first is, “measuring to the ball” to establish a proper and consistent radius.

In the above video, I’ll illustrate this using a 48″ tall tee, which should really help put this in perspective.

And I’ll also show you why you should, “build your house first,” and “pour the foundation” last.

Together, you can start taking full advantage of your driver’s “hotspot” and start hitting your longest drives…consistently!

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