How to hit lower flighted, reliable ‘stingers’

Martin Chuck from the Tour Striker Academy demonstrates how to keep the ball lower for penetrating shots into the wind or under tree limbs.


In my opinion, one of the iron shots you must have in your “arsenal” is the low-flying, controllable “stinger.”

You can use it when you’re dealing with “wind and weather”…

When you need a long recovery shot…

Or when you simply need to, “right the ship” and gain back your ball-striking confidence.

I teach a version of this drill (called the “Cornerstone Drill”) at my golf camps because the cost/benefit is off the charts good.

What I mean is…

Mastering this shot can save you a TON of strokes and the “cost” (ie, time to learn and ingrain) is a bargain.

Now, there are some important keys to hitting this shot for stroke-saving reliability and control.

And in the video, I’ll call-out the key moves I want you to see…

And I’ll also point out what you DON’T see (ie, where things often go wrong).

Give it a look, then give it a try and let me know if it helps you start scoring better.

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