How to use your hips to blast big rips

Martin Chuck from the Tour Striker Academy helps demystify hip rotation versus sway in your backswing.


I’m sure you’ve heard about “using your hips” in your golf swing…

But maybe you’ve heard TOO much…

And received too many conflicting suggestions.

So, in today’s video, I want to get back to basics.

I’m calling this video, “Hip Rotation 101.”

As you’ll see, yes, there is some movement away from, then back to the ball…

But I think the idea of “weight shift” is what trips most people up.

There’s a big difference between “rotating” your hips around your trail foot…

Vs. “swaying” your hips outside your trail foot.

As I tell my golf school students, the idea is to, “get skinny on your backswing.”

Watch the video and I’ll explain!

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