New for 2023: Gizmos & Gadgets

Each year at the PGA Merchandise Show, a slew of inventors, innovators and genius creative types present their latest and greatest training aids and game improvement products for inspection and testing by the golf industry. Over the years, some have become must have pieces of equipment, while others make their one and only appearance at the Show and are never heard from again. Many of the ‘one-and-done’ ideas are way out there, while some look plausible at first glance but upon further reflection, your reaction is, “No way would I use that”. Ironically, all of them work.

There was no common theme in the New Product Zone this year – one year there were over half a dozen putting gadgets that used string and mirrors – but the 2023 collection of Gizmos and Gadgets ranged far and wide, including some products that were only marginally related to golf.

Following are some of the more intriguing products I saw at the Show this year. I have not commented on their viability or practicality, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Swing Sling

This unique golf swing training device allows you to make a full swing, helps you develop arm-body connectivity and muscle memory, with instant reset after every swing.The “Swing Sling” was created to enable golfers of all abilities, from a beginner to the elite professional, to continuously improve and develop a controlled, powerful and consistent action throughout the golf swing. The Swing Sling can be used with every club in your bag. A range of training videos will show you drills to improve your driving, pitching, chipping and putting!

Don’t Have a Stroke

The premise behind this product is that scoring is the culprit and a constant reminder of past mistakes that prevent you from relaxing and enjoying your game. Don’t Have a Stroke records your score but also keeps it hidden from you, thereby reducing anxiety and allowing you to focus better.






Finder Minder

It’s a secure magnetic mount that fits on almost every golf cart and trolley to hold your rangefinder and keep it instantly available. No more fumbling in your golf bag or with carrying cases.







VIBE Tumblers

The VIBE Tumbler is the same insulated tumbler design you know and love reimagined in 12 breathtaking colors. With the addition of a detachable water resistant hi-fidelity speaker, the VIBE lets you create your perfect combination of drinks and music to fit your daily vibe.







CleanFlight Golf Ball Washer

Tired of finding the golf ball washer at your course without any water or worse yet, not even finding a ball washer. The CleanFlight Golf Ball Washer eliminates that worry. It’s compact, attaches to your cart or golf bag and ensures you always have a clean ball.







T-UP Assist

Thinking of quitting golf as teeing up has become too hard? The T-UP Assist easily places the tee in the ground (at your preferred height) and the ball on the tee! No more back, knee, hip or “anything else” on your body hurting when you tee up! Fits in your golf bag. Perfect for All Abilities!






PUR Putting System

The Swiss Army Knife of Putting Trainers. A complete system that addresses every component of putting flaws while building ALL the main fundamentals of the perfect putting stroke. No mirrors, no gimmicks, no components on your body, absolutely nothing unnatural. 






Shaft Lean Alignment System

This visual aid alignment system enables you to see different degrees of shaft lean on the club at address and the correct face alignment to compress the golf ball at impact. The Straightline Shaft Lean Alignment System is permitted under the Rules of Golf, and you can use it to practice or play in an official golf game.



ONE is designed to improve your swing from the core of your body out to your fingertips. Combining the principles of Plyometrics with dynamic inertial resistance technology, ONE strengthens your core and improves timing and release for every swing you take.



Peter Mumford
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