Using the art of the punchout to keep your scores low

Martin Chuck from Tour Striker Academy offers some strategy advice in this week’s segment.


Have you ever attempted an “easy” punch out…

And wound up in the rough on the OTHER side of the fairway?

Or clanged the ball off a tree trunk?

Or launched it straight into the trees?

I have.

And more times than not, it was because I didn’t give ENOUGH thought to this seemingly thoughtless shot.

As you’ll see in the above video…

There’s actually quite a bit to consider before you draw the club back.

Starting with… the right club to use!

Your low-lofted irons (such as your 4- and 5-iron) are often NOT the ones you want to use.

I’ll also cover…

Your stance, your weight distribution, your shot shape, and what the shot should FEEL like.

Give it a watch so the next time you have to, “take your medicine,” you get it over with in one, quick dose!

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