When your golf swing is like a baseball swing

A great demonstration here from Martin Chuck at Tour Striker Academy inspired by the baseball playoffs.


The MLB playoffs are here! And this got me thinking…

At some point along your golf journey…

You may have noticed (or been told) that swinging a golf club is similar to swinging a baseball bat.

For sure, there are some shared principles that help in both sports: lower body pressure shift, forward shaft / bat lean, etc.


I would argue a baseball swing has a lot more in common with CERTAIN golf swings…

Namely, the ones you make with your LONGER clubs such as your 3-wood and driver.

Yes, the lower body should behave quite differently on these swings vs. your iron swings.

And this is a concept that is often never explained (or not clearly explained) to many golfers.

So, I shot the video above to make it super easy to understand.

I hope it’s a hit. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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